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Tonya Roberts-Sheroan, Registered Nurse

Tonya Sheroan, Registered Nurse

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As a registered nurse, the chief nursing officer sets standards of nursing care and establishes the policies and protocols for achieving those standards in addition to providing hands-on patient care.

Tonya Sheroan is a registered nurse, certified nurse injector, and the chief nursing officer at Rewind™ by Sharicom Health® and Rewind Hair Loss Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky.

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse (RN) plays a crucial role in the healthcare system by providing comprehensive patient care, which includes assessing patients’ health problems and needs, developing and implementing nursing care plans, and maintaining medical records. One of the primary responsibilities of an RN is to administer medication and treatments to patients. This requires a thorough understanding of pharmacology, as well as the ability to monitor for side effects and effectiveness.

RNs are also tasked with performing diagnostic tests, analyzing results, and determining how to adjust treatment plans based on those results. This requires keen analytical skills and attention to detail. Moreover, they are often responsible for operating and monitoring medical equipment, ensuring that it functions correctly and safely.

Patient education is another critical aspect of an RN’s job. They provide patients and their families with important information about health conditions, medications, and lifestyle changes that can improve health outcomes. Effective communication skills are, therefore, essential, as RNs must convey complex medical information in a way that is easily understood by patients with varying levels of health literacy.

In addition to direct patient care, RNs work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, including doctors, specialists, and other nurses, to coordinate care and ensure that patients receive comprehensive treatment. This interdisciplinary approach is vital in creating effective and personalized care plans.

Furthermore, RNs play an essential role in advocating for patients’ needs and rights, often acting as a liaison between patients and other healthcare providers. This advocacy ensures that patients receive the best possible care and that their voices are heard in the decision-making process.

RNs can specialize in various fields, such as pediatrics, oncology, gerontology, and critical care, among others. Specialization often requires additional training and certification, but it allows RNs to focus on areas of healthcare that match their interests and strengths.

To sum up, registered nurses are indispensable in the healthcare industry due to their extensive responsibilities, which range from direct patient care and education to coordination and advocacy. Their multifaceted role ensures that patients receive not only medical treatment but also compassionate and comprehensive care across the healthcare continuum.

  • Education

Tonya Sheroan graduated from Somerset Community College – Laurel South. She is a registered nurse (RN) with the Commonwealth. While practicing in several hospitals, including a Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH), such as the ContinueCARE Hospital at Baptist Health Corbin,  the Belmont County Health Department (public health department in Belmont County, Ohio), a head nurse at Parkview Health (regional hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana), she also served as the clinical nurse manager at Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center, and Kettering Health Main Campus (formerly Kettering Medical Center), the flagship medical center for Kettering Health.

Nurse Sheroan gained her certifications in neurotoxins and dermal fillers in 2024.

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